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SunSet Lamp - Projection Night Light

SunSet Lamp - Projection Night Light

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SunSet Lamp: Your Personal Sunset, Every Day

Standard Edition: Experience the magic of sunset in the comfort of your home with the SunSet Lamp Standard Edition. This elegantly designed lamp captures the essence of the sun's final moments in the sky, offering 4 standard colors that mimic the warm and calming hues of dusk.

Whether you're seeking a soothing ambiance for relaxation, a gentle nightlight, or a unique decorative touch, the SunSet Lamp Standard Edition effortlessly complements any room. Its simple, user-friendly design requires no remote, making it perfect for instant, hassle-free illumination.


  • Four Captivating Colors: Choose from a selection of four beautiful sunset-like colors to set the perfect mood.
  • Easy Operation: With no remote needed, just plug in and switch between colors with a simple touch.
  • Energy-Efficient LED: Long-lasting and eco-friendly lighting solution.


Deluxe Edition: Elevate your lighting experience with the SunSet Lamp Deluxe Edition. This version includes all the features of the Standard Edition, enhanced with cutting-edge technology for the ultimate customization. The Deluxe Edition comes with a remote control and an intuitive app, allowing you to choose from a full spectrum of RGB colors.

Sync your lamp with your mood, music, or any occasion using the app's easy-to-use interface. Whether it’s a gentle amber for a quiet evening or a vibrant palette for a lively party, the SunSet Lamp Deluxe Edition adapts to your every need.

Additional Features:

  • Remote and App Control: Seamlessly adjust colors, brightness, and effects from your smartphone or with the remote.
  • Unlimited RGB Colors: Dive into an endless spectrum of colors to perfectly match your mood or decor.
  • Music Sync Function: Sync your lamp with your favorite tunes for an immersive audio-visual experience.
  • Timer Function: Set the lamp to turn off automatically, ideal for falling asleep under a calming, artificial sunset.

Both editions of the SunSet Lamp are designed with portability in mind, making them the perfect addition to any space. Whether you're enhancing your home ambiance, capturing stunning photographs, or just enjoying a quiet evening, the SunSet Lamp brings the beauty of the sunset indoors.

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